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Comet Stories Volume 1 Number 5 July 1941

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Cover Painting Leo Merey

Illustrations Paul, Morey, Forte, and Mirando.

Copyright © 1941 by H-K Publications,

Inc. Printed and published in U.S.A by

H-K Publications, Inc.




Volume 1 Number 5

July 1941


Feature Story

The Vortex Blaster E. E. Smith. Ph.D.


The Devil's Asteroid Manly Wade Wellman

The Whispering Spheres R. R. Winterbotham

Short Stories

The Street That Wasn't There Clifford D. Simak

and Carl Jacobi

The Sky Trap Frank Belknap Long

A World Is Born Leigh Bracket

The Indulgence of Negu Mah Robert Arthur

The Beast of Space F. E. Hardart

The 4-D Doodler Graph Waldeyer

Short Short Stories

The Bell Tone Edmund H. Leftwich

The Ultimate Experiment Thornton DeKy


The Spacean (Interplanetary News)

The Door to Tomorrow (Editorial)

Rocket Mail (The Readers' Express)