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Fantastic Story Magazine Volume 6 Number 2 September 1953

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Volume 6 Number 2

September 1953


A Classic Novel

Island In The Sky - Manly Wade Wellman

Short Story Classics

Hyperpilosity - L. Sprague de Camp

The Man Who Looked Like Steinmetz - R. M. Williams

Stolen Centuries - Otis Adelbert Kline

Experiment - Roscoe Clark, F.R.C.S.

Four New Stories

Gadget Baghdad - R. W. Stockheker

Doomstruck - Clyde B. Smith

The Martians Came To Dinner - Charles A. Srearns

Liberation - Sam Sackett


Cosmic Encores - A Department

Sniff That Ether Again! - Gregg Gnarlen


Sonnet To Pebbles - Alfred I. Tooke

From Outer Space-To The Screen - Pat Jones


Cover - Alex Schomberg