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The Science Fiction and Fantasy Timeline of Key Moments and some not so key

To The Strand
To All Story Weekly
To Modern Electrics
To Electrical Experimenter

  To SWS and merge to form To Wonder Stories


Astounding Stories of Super Science renamed To Astounding Stories.

To Mind Magic To Miracle Science and Fantasy Stories

Street and Smith bought To Astounding Stories.

To Doc Savage
To Marvel Tales
To Fantasy Magazine

To Wonder Stories sold and becomes To Thrilling Wonder Stories

To Fanciful Tales of Time And Space

To Astounding Stories name changed to To Astounding Science Fiction as John W. Campbell Jr. takes over as editor.

To Marvel Science Stories
To Startling Stories To Dynamic Science Stories To Famous Fantastic Mysteries
To Unknown To Fantastic Adventures To Future Fiction
To Captain Future To Comet Stories To Fantastic Novels
To Cosmic Stories
To New Worlds To Fantasy (The Magazine of Science Fiction) To Futuristic Stories
To Fantasy Book To Avon Fantasy Reader Listing
To Arkham Sampler Listing
To A.Merritt's Fantasy Magazine To Captain Zero OWSBut1
To Cosmic Science Stories To Fantastic Story Quarterly To Galaxy Science Fiction
To Imagination (Stories of Science and Fantasy) To Future Science Fiction
To Futuristic Science Stories
To Fantasy Fiction Stories To-Science-Fantasy fTOTO
To Authentic Science Fiction Listing To Avon Science Fiction Reader Listing To Fantastic Story Magazine
To Galaxy Science Fiction Novels To The Mysterious Traveler Magazine
To Dynamic Science Fiction To Fantastic (Stories of Imagination) To Fantastic Science Fiction
To-Nebular-Science-Fiction To-Science-Fiction-Adventures-(Future)
To Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader Listing To Beyond Fantasy Fiction Listing To Fantastic Universe Science Fiction
To Fantasy Fiction To-Science-Fiction-Plus
To The British Science Fiction Magazine Listing To Fantastic Science Thriller To Imaginative Tales
To The British Space Fiction Magazine Listing
To Infinity
To-Science-Fiction-Adventures-(Royal) To-Satellite-Science-Fiction
To Dream World To-Saturn
To Badger SF Books Listing
To Gamma
To The Best Science Fiction Listing
To Great Science Fiction Magazine
To Bizarre Mystery Magazine Listing
To The Most Thrilling Science Fiction Stories Ever Told
To Famous Science Fiction
To Beyond Infinity Listing To International Science Fiction To-Science-Fiction-Classics
To Coven 13 PERHBut1
To Fantastic Adventures Yearbook To Forgotten Fantasy To-Science-Fiction-Classics-Annual
To Eternity Science Fiction
To Extro Science Fiction
To Ariel the book of Fantasy Listing To Galileo To-Science-Fiction-Collector
To Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine Listing To Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine To Fantasy Tales
To Destinies fOMNA fQUES02

Library does not include items after this date at all.

To Infinity Second Incarnation To Interzone
To Last Wave


To Fantasy Times
To Fantasy News
To Great Science Fiction Stories
To Fantasy (Thrilling Science Fiction) To Fantasy Thrilling Science Fiction
To Fantasy Thrilling Science Fiction02

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